Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome New Author to Site : NYBS CARLA NEGGERS

Carla is one of our favorite authors and we are pleased to see her stop by our new Review Spot. 

Please check out Carla Neggers NEW RELEASE : Saint's Gate at Amazon.  I give this book ★★★ = Amazing!

1. Carla what can you tell us about this book? 
    SAINT'S GATE is the first book in my Sharpe & Donovan series featuring FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan. Emma specializes in art crimes and comes from a family of renowned art detectives. Colin is a deep-cover agent who's very protective of his real identity and his family. They both are from the Maine coast but they're worlds apart in so many ways! In SAINT'S GATE, they have to get to the bottom of the murder of a nun and disappearance of a mysterious painting at a Maine convent…where Emma once was a novice.

2. Is this book written regarding an experience you had recently in your life?
    I was able to draw on my extensive travels in Maine and Ireland, as well as my love of Boston. The lives of saints have intrigued me since I was a kid, but it was fascinating to learn more about specific saints and their role in western art.

3. If you could write a book with any other author who would it be?
    Hm…I've never had the urge to co-write a book. I love so many different authors for their unique voices. And so many are friends. That's good enough for me right now.

4. You have written many books, do you have one that’s your favorite?
    No favorites. I don't think that way. Each book is what it is. I let the story go and focus on the next one percolating in my head. Right now I'm writing HERON'S COVE, the second in my Sharpe & Donovan series after SAINT'S GATE.

5. Do you have a routine before writing?
    Before writing? Good question! I'm disciplined but I'm not a regimented writer. I have to have coffee and breakfast before I get started, and most days, I take a good walk. The temperature has to be above zero, though. I'll jump on Wii Fit if it's below zero.

6. When did you start writing?
    I can hardly remember a time when I wasn't writing. As a kid, I'd climb a tree with a pad and pen and spit stories. My favorite tree was a sugar maple on the edge of the woods at our house in rural Massachusetts, but I also liked an oak on an old stone wall up in the fields. I always had a story in the works! Still do.  

7. Would any of your “in the closet/under the bed” books you wrote ever be published?
    Not a chance. ;-)

8. Have you ever thought about writing a Young Adult Book?
    If I had an idea that gripped me, I would, absolutely.

Great questions, Thanks for having me here!-Carla Neggers

Thank you for your time and donation to the site! Netta & TJ. 

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  1. Love Carla Neggers! I can't wait to check out the new series!

  2. I can not wait to read this book!! So excited!!

  3. Thanks for the good interview! The books sounds really interesting and it is on my list to get and read.
    I went over to Carla's website, because I wanted to see the names of her older monthly titles. When I clicked on the Books tab, it took me to that page, but it wouldn't let me trace down to the printable book list. I tried a couple of times. Just FYI. Best wishes!

  4. Thank you Carla for the interview. Don't add me to the contest, I am getting the book this weekend. Can't wait to read.

  5. I just love this blog! I love Carla Neggers! I am so excited for this book! Can't you tell!!

  6. I think this was a great interview! Can't wait to read this book!

  7. Just wanted to stop in and say great job on the blog and interviews! You just may get me interested in reading :)

  8. Carla I have loved your books since the first time your wonderful daughter sent one home with Matt for me to read. I have been hooked ever sense the first read. So I thank her and you.
    having a time finding your new book.....looked in Walmart over in Claremont , they do not have it so I am going to order it from Amazon.
    Cheers Carla and enjoy this wonderful Fall. I went to the apple orchard today and got apples . UMMMM wonderful and then to Woods to get Cider and Cider Jelly. YUM ............... Take care. Cindy Rushford

  9. stop in and say great job on the blog and interviews

  10. Hi Carla. One of my questions is partially answered. I was wondering if you have any favorite couples. Now I find you do not really have a favorite book and just go from one to the next as you are inspired for each. So now I am wondering if you have had any favorite characters. Owen and Abigail are still near the top for me as I read about them first in The Widow, but I am sure glad I did not stop w/ them. They are all likable and I enjoy seeing their personalities, always headstrong, but some more impulsive than others. Now that you are giving us a book w/ a religious order, I wonder if you have ever considered a plot which involves a witch coven or some such thing! I am so happy I finally got to meet you in person after four years of reading your books, some of them several times.

  11. Great interview. Carla is one of my favorite authors too.

  12. THE WINNER of this Contest is CINDY... #8 Commenter! Congratulations Please email me your address to and I will get the information to Carla so she can personalize your book and get it out to you.