Review Requests:
-I am now open to review requests from authors, publishers, and publicists. However, when I accept a novel to review, it does not guarantee that I will post a positive review.

-Digital Copies: My preferred format is PDF, but I also accept EPUB. Please also note that I cannot accept all review requests, as I have novels for priority read and reviewing, and my hands are filled both with reading, reviewing, and other things. If I do accept your review request, please keep in mind that it might take a few weeks or so for me to read and write the review.

-Physical Copies: If you'd like to send me a printed copy, please note that you'll not receive it back. I accept both advanced copies and finished copies. All books I get will either be kept by myself, or given away in a giveaway. However, should you decide to send a physical copy, please fully pay all shipment fees. If the book is an advanced copy, then I'll try to post a review in the month surrounding it's release date.

-Types of novels accepted: All Genre. I don't read books in a series out of sequence. If you ask me to review a book that's part of a series I have not yet read, I will ask you to provide copies of it's predecessors, as it'll enable me to write a more effective review.

-Disclaimer: All reviews on Netta's Blog Spot were written by Vanetta Quintana and based solely on her opinion of the novel. All novels reviewed on this blog were either sent by the publisher/publicist/author, or purchased by Vanetta Quintana. No money was given in exchange for a review.

Interviews/Guest Posts/Giveaways:
-I will be happy to host authors for guest posts, interviews, blog tour stops, or giveaways.

-For interviews, I will request a copy of your novel to read, and ample time to read the novel before sending you the interview questions.

-If I am not familiar with the author's work, I will request a copy of the author's novel before hosting him/her for a guest post or a giveaway.

-I will happily accept swag items or books to giveaway on this blog.

Blog Tours:
- Upon request, I can arrange a blog tour for your upcoming book. However, I do request that you contact me 1 month before the date you'd like the tour to start so I have ample time to get together the bloggers, and so the bloggers have time to read the book. When contacting me, please include the book's title, author, genre, cover image, blurb, and the dates for which you'd like the tour. I'll accept both digital and physical copies for the blog tour. For further information, please contact me.

You can contact me at Nettasreviewspot (at) gmail (dot) com