~Book Reviews~

The Comrades by Lynne Sears Williams 

★★★ = Amazing


What a wonderful story!

If you have ever dreamed of Kings and Queens of the Middle Ages then this ninth (9th) century Welsh tale is definitely for you.  

It is a story of broken peace, war between the two (2) northern kingdoms of Wales, a kidnapped princess with sapphire eyes, the king who holds her, and the brothers who come for her.

This book is historically written, illustrating many of the different customs observed in everyday medieval life. For instance: potions are used for both good and evil, and Christianity exists side by side with the belief in faeries.

It is excellently written and the storytelling is superb.

As an additional comment I must add that the character Gareth is discussed so much and so well in this book that I would like to see a book about him following closely behind this one.    

Obsessions by Debra Webb


★★★ = Amazing

This a great start of the series. Dan and Jess are trying to find missing girls and old love flares back up that was never burned out completely. Jess holds a secret and debates if she should tell Dan, while Dan has a hidden secret he debates on telling Jess. Then the secrets are told before they have a chance to tell each other.... Jess isn't sure about her future and she's got trouble lurking about that makes her keep looking back.... Will they find the missing girls in time? This book has lots of suspense and just a touch of romance in it but I think I can foresee more romance coming in the future series.



After the Rain by Allana Lowe


★★★ = Amazing

Becca is only sixteen when her parents are both killed, and she finds herself living in a new town with her Aunt Nancy. She feels strange and uneasy there, and this upheaval forces her to face some of her own inner demons. When she is about to give up and lose hope, she meets a mysterious stranger in the park named Rowan. He seems too good to be true. When he disappears as mysteriously as he came, she assumes that he was a figment of her imagination, and begins to think that her life is hopeless. Rowan is real, however, and when he eventually does return, she finds hope and is rejuvenated. Soon, she learns that her life is in danger. 

It begins with a threatening phone call and becomes a roller coaster of an adventure, with death lurking around every corner, about to spring out from behind every bush. Rowan is continually there to save her life, and as she watches him in action she realizes that he is not human, but something more. Either one of them can tell what the other is thinking or feeling without speaking. She becomes so determined to find out the truth of what he is that it affects her personal safety. 

This story was an excellent read. It has it all: romance, mystery, suspense, and spirituality. This book was written for young adults but older adults will love it also. I know I did. 



"Coercion" by Lux Zakari

★★★☆ = Great!

This was my first book by Lux. When I first started this book I though about how unbelievable of how a young girl would put her self in Valerie's shoes. But the more I read the more I understood why she did what she did. This book really makes your think about the romances that could be out there. Michael was a boy/man you hated and then loved him in his own way. Breeze was a girl that you could see how she put herself in the situations she put her self in. I hope there is more to come from these main characters in this book.

This book is definitely not the "romance" book with a fairy tale ending but the ending will definitely surprise you. This story is a great read and I also think that young adults leaving high school should read to know what life maybe about if they don't control their own futures.

I don't tell the story for you in my reviews, because I believe you should read the book and voice your own opinions... Do pick up this fast read!


Coercion is written about a very typical love triangle. If you take away the fashions, the music, the college setting and the occasional marijuana use this story could have happened anywhere at anytime.

In brief, this is the story:

Man (Michael Vartanian) has girlfriend, (Kim Breza, also known as Breeze.) Man treats girlfriend badly, relationship is on again / off again for the past three years.
Slacker Man, pushed by father, finally enrolls in college as freshman where girlfriend is a senior.
Man meets old schoolmate in class (Valerie Mercer. Formerly an overweight drudge, Valerie is now a hot chick, nursing a childhood infatuation with Michael.
Man pays attention to Valerie. Breeze sleeps around to make him jealous. Man takes Valerie's virginity. Man crassly uses both women to suit his own convenience. Breeze dumps Michael.
Book ends with Man searching his soul.

For my part, this is a story line that I didn't enjoy. It is tragic enough when you see this kind of thing happen in real life, and generally speaking, for most folks reading provides an escape from the everyday norm. It certainly is not a happy or uplifting tale. Additionally, I found that the characters didn't engage me. Perhaps it is my age showing, but I find that I prefer stories about adults, or at least people over twenty-five years old. Regarding my age, I was around in the `70s and I have a hard time believing the casual looseness of the sexual behavior of Breeze and Valerie in the context of that time period.

I did not care for this book. As the British say, it was just not my cup of tea. 


Santa in a Kilt (novella in Unwrapped) by Donna Kauffman

★★★ = Amazing!(She wrapped this on) 


The long awaited story of Shay! I loved Shay from the first story book, this story was so well written for Shay. If you ever think love isn't in store for you as Shay thought, you have another thing coming, especially during Saint Nicholas Time! Kira was a strong women from her first introduction and holds true to it till the end.

Blaine finally gets to be happy with his one and true love.

This story was very touching to me because it is how life can be, I saw so many of my life steps in this story.

A great Novella story to end out the series! 

-Netta 9/27/2011

What A Duke Wants by Lavinia Kent

★★★ = Amazing! ★★★ = Amazing!


After waiting almost three years for this book to be released.... I can say it was 100% worth the wait!

If the first line of the book "who covers a cock?" don't get you interested to "read" I don't know what will!

This is a very interesting and entertaining story with some mystery, suspense and a lot of sex appeal...

Isabella Masters "Smith" left the scene a few books back and now after three books she appears, and finds herself traveling back to her past. In the mist of this she finds her "prince" or rather her "Duke" and the secrets they both share separately will tie them together or apart forever?

The scenes in this book are so mind blowing you don't want to ever put it down, you aren't sure where the next "spot" will be?

Will the "red head" get her "duke"? You must read this one to find out, though this book "could" be a stand alone-I would so NOT recommend it to be...  a MUST to read to the previous books : A Talent for Sin, Bound by Temptation, Taken by Desire BEFORE reading... you have to know about the entire "scandalous" family :)

Note: I do not put many "Spoilers" in my reviews because I believe you should read the book to fully enjoy it!


After much waiting, Isabella's story is here! You will not be disappointed.

In this tale we find Miss Isabella Masters, who has deliberately disappeared from her home and family. She is a nursemaid traveling on her way to London with her charge (Oh, no, not London!) when into the picture steps Mark, an estate agent. Isabella is keeping a few secrets, but then Mark has at least one big secret of his own.

What will Isabella decide to do about Mark? What will Mark decide to do about Isabella?

To find out you must read this much anticipated and well written book.

Although this book can be read alone and stands on its own merits, I highly recommend that you read the other books in the series, simply because they are such good books.

I feel compelled to write a personal note to the author to say: Lavinia, this is a wonderful story. Keep `em coming! 


Releasing Kaleb
Dianna Dixon

★★★★☆ = Great!

          This book is the first release for new author Dianna Dixon.  She begins by telling the story of Kayla, a young woman who was wronged by everyone who should have protected and supported her.   Then she introduces Keith, a young man who lost his beloved when she was also betrayed by others, but hopes, with the help of God, to learn to love again.  Throughout the book Dixon interweaves threads of the battles between good and evil with their consequences.  These threads contrast starkly with the innocence of the little boy (Joshua) and his startlingly clear view of right and wrong.  A huge message of the healing power of forgiveness pervades the book.

          I was a bit slow to respond to this story, but as I read on, once it got me it really had me.  It is a compelling story of perseverance in the face of evil and adversity, and a lesson about the healing power of forgiveness.  Dianna Dixon is to be congratulated for such a well written and intriguing first outing.



Ruth Ryan Langan

★★★★☆ = Great!


Brianna Kerr, a young woman recently widowed, travels to Scotland to visit for the first time her only remaining asset, Ravenswood, her dead husband’s inherited estate.  He had never taken her to his ancestral home, but often spoke fondly of memories of the gatekeeper’s cottage on the grounds of the great manor house.  She discovers that not only has the grandeur of the manor somewhat faded, but also that the cottage is haunted by a violent and unfriendly spirit, bent on keeping everyone away.  The estate is her only possession, and the key to restoring her life and her soul after her husband’s cruel betrayal.  She must overcome the angry spirit of the former Laird of the Manor, only then will she learn the key to her own restoration, which comes by a bittersweet twist of fate that the reader will not exactly expect.  A good, quick read laced with many of the familiar elements of Highlander romance. 



Saint's Gate by Carla Neggers ★★★ = Amazing!


Carla does it again! Amazing book! This is a great Romantic Suspense book that has it all in there! I loved the interesting past of Emma and her family. Very intriguing, don't let the word "saint" in the title fool you!

I love to Carla's FBI books, though this is a new one, I hope to see more of Emma and Colin. Mrs. Neggers writes so well about Ireland, she takes you right to the spot and you can imagine yourself right along for the ride while drinking your "Irish Whiskey".

I don't like to put to much of the "Story" in my reviews because I hope others will read the story and give their own review. But this book was a much anticipated book and it held up to the star's I gave it!

Congratulations Carla on another Best Seller in my book! 

-Netta 9/13/11


The Gladiator Prince by Minnette Meador  ★★★ = Amazing!


This book is the third in the series and WOW you will not want to put this book down. It starts our fresh and fast and ends the same way. I was so glad to read the story of the Gladiator Prince. 

In The Edge of Honor, he was touched on and wanted to know his story. This book works so well with the other two that you don't realize you are reading another book but only a continuous of the the first one. Love conquers all and in this book you will see. Minnette does not make it easy for lovers and they fight till the end. There are twist in the story and just when you think you have the "answer" she fools you yet again...

I most definitely recommend this to everyone, but again, you must read The Centurion and The Queen and The Edge of Honor first, it all works together when you know what you are reading. 

-Netta 9/4/11

This story is mainly about Thane, Phaedra, Bahar and their secrets. While the Gladiator Prince can be read as a stand alone, I feel that it is better when read with the other books. The Centurion and the Queen and The Edge of Honor. 

Minnette will have you snared from the beginning of the book. You will think that you can figure out the secrets, but you will be surprised. An EXCELLENT read. 

-TJ 9/21/11