Monday, October 24, 2011

Welcome Debra Webb ..... The Faces Of Evil

The Life of a Series  

I’ve written several stand-alone books, but most of my work has been a part of a series. In fact, I’m working on the 50th book in my Colby Agency series (Harlequin Intrigue) right now. I love series. It feels good to sit down and work with folks I know. Folks who have become like part of my family. So it was an easy decision to throw myself into a new series when I pondered what to do next in the mainstream arena.

The Faces of Evil was born.

Though I adore my Jackie Mercer series (and will definitely be doing more books in that series), the Faces of Evil is the sort of storyline that comes naturally to me. I love delving into the darkness with a villain. My heart races when I find a new, daring way to put my characters in danger. Basically, I just like making people sweat!

But something else I enjoy very much is a good surprise…something different. My goal with the Faces of Evil is to explore fresh twists on chilling plots and to bring                                      the darkness from the least expected places.

The series will be 12 books…most of which will be released in 2012!

Five commenters will receive a free copy of OBSESSION! Contest ends October 29th, 2011

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  1. I started reading Obsession today and I have a hard time putting it down! I just put it down long enough to comment here. It has everything I like, mystery, drama and romance! I can not wait for the rest of this series!! Wonderful writing!!..Phyllis

  2. Just wanted to stop in and say welcome :)

  3. oooohhhh Debra, Thank you for coming by, I have read all of the Colby's. Kinda wish that they came in hb. Because I don't generally re-read, but they will be re-readers. Love them all, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the honeymoon. I have finished reading Obsession, and will get the other 11 books. Obsession was one of them books that you just couldn't put down, just waiting to see what will happen next. Wonderful story.
    Will Jess and Dan really get back together? No No don't tell me I'll wait. hehe

  4. I totally agree! I could't put this down and yes I am awaiting the "Jess & Dan" romance! :)


  5. I would love to read this book!!!!!!!

  6. Phyllis, I am loving writing this series! It's keeping me up nights, too!

  7. Thanks, Sam, Vanetta, and Allana!

  8. Aunt Thelma, you are too sweet!!

  9. I love "Obsession"! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading it! It is a true roller coaster ride without the seat belt!

  10. Glad to do it, slappylilly! I'm having a blast with this series and I appreciate the opportunity to talk about it!

  11. Hey yall, be sure to go to Amazon or BN and get your free copy of HERE TO STAY -- it's one of my early romances (one of my favs)!

  12. Happy Halloween weekend!

  13. The Following Commenters has been chosen to receive Obsessions E-Book by Debra Webb...

    Allana Lowe

    Please email me at, so I can forward your email to her. She will then email you the Obsessions E-Book.

    Thank you all for coming and I hope you come back again.