Friday, September 30, 2011

"Santa in a Kilt" by Donna Kauffman

Welcome Donna Kauffman, we are so glad you were able to stop by this week, especially with your new release this week, "Santa in a Kilt, in the Novella "Unwrapped". 

Thank you to Netta & TJ for inviting me over for a playdate today! 

I’m excited to chat about my new release, UNWRAPPED, which made it to the shelves this week. My story, “Santa in a Kilt” is part of Kensington’s latest Christmas anthology, which also features stories from NYT Bestseller (and personal fave) Erin McCarthy, and new-to-me author, Kate Angell. 

My novella is a contemporary love story, set on Kinloch, a fictional island in the Hebrides off the western highland coast of Scotland.  The story stands alone, but also wraps up the trilogy I began on Kinloch a year ago, with SOME LIKE IT SCOT, and followed with OFF KILTER.  For those who have been asking of Shay was going to get his story...the answer is YES!  I had great fun not only writing his love story with Kira, but also getting to revisit the characters introduced in the earlier books, as well as tie up some loose ends.  (For those asking about Blaine...all I’m going to say won’t be disappointed. J )

Another event that has taken place for me during my Big Release Week is the digital release of one of my Bantam paranormals, THE LEGEND OF THE SORCERER, also on sale this week.  And yes, THE LEGEND MACKINNON is going digital as well. When that happens, all of my single titles will finally be available either in print, digitally, or both. But, even more interesting and surprising to me, is that Random House just requested digital rights to all of my old Loveswepts!  They will be released as part of their newly launched Loveswept Classics digital imprint.  Yep, all 14 of them!  They’ll be released next fall over a five month period, in groups of three or four.  This means that a year from now, pretty much every thing I’ve ever written, two decades worth of books, over 50 titles, will be on the market in some format.  Kinda cool!  Part of me wonders how twenty year old stories will hold up, but being a die hard backlist collector of newly found favorite authors, I know having them available again will make some of my readers very happy.

Are you back list collectors?  Have you added any digital books to your personal library? I’m a fan of both print and digital, but I think, as an author, one thing that’s kind of cool about the progression to digital is something my 23 year old son pointed out to me the other day.  He said, “Hey, no matter what, your books will always be out there now.  Forever.  Kind of your legacy.”  I hadn’t thought about it that way, but from a preservation standpoint, it’s nice to know they won’t just be stored in the Library of Congress for all perpetuity.  And...I have a legacy.  Hunh. 

I’m just happy I get to keep writing love stories.  I hope you enjoy my latest one!

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  1. So Donna, did you get to visit the Hebrides in search of inspiration, and WHERE do you get your marvelous titles? Congrats on all the releases, and the backlist acquisitions, for you and your readers.

  2. Hi Donna! It's always good to see/talk to you! I'm gonna have to get this on my new Kindle! I don't have but one book on there now, so maybe this will be #2? :) Hope to see you soooon!

    Summer-Rain (Vanetta's daughter)

  3. Hi Grace ~ I have been to the Scottish Highlands and the Hebrides. It's my family heritage, so getting to spend time there, and set stories there as well, has been a big personal thrill for me. As to titles, some are my own invention and some have come from my very clever and savvy editors!

    And hello, Summer-Rain! This is the first time I am hoping to be #2! LOL

    Happy to be here...Donna

  4. I am hoping to get this book...I like ones on kindle because I have a vision problem...I know it must be wonderful to go to all the wonderful places from your ancestry...I love history, so any book that has other countries in them catches my attention. Good luck in all you do

  5. Hey Donna, I haven't read it yet, but you know me, I will. I was told not to read it until, I have read Some like it Scot and Off Kilter, which is on my TBR pile. I promise I'll get to them this month.

    I have to admit, that I'm looking forward to Sweet Stuff and Sugar Rush. Sounds like really great books. And I'm sure you liked to do some of the research on them.

  6. Book sounds like a blast! Definitely in my to b read pile!


  7. Thelma ~ Yes, doing pastry research was a real tough assignment. :) I can't wait for SUGAR RUSH and SWEET STUFF to finally come out. I was just offered a contract to write two more in the Cupcake Club Romance series and I couldn't be more excited!! I hope you all love my Sugarberry Island crew as much as I do!!

    Kirsten - I hope you enjoy it. It's funny, sexy, sentimental...and set at Christmastime in Scotland. With a Hot Scot hero. I mean...what more could you want in a novella? :)))

  8. I know I'm late posting to this but I had an emergency yesterday and I've had you on my calendar for weeks...I've collected most of your print backlist already, I love Scot themed romance, there's something about brawny Scots, they curl my toes :-). I'm just missing "Here Comes Trouble" and now "Unwrapped". I'm not a fan of ebooks but your son has a point! I have a 23 year old daughter too!
    glittergirl54 at ymail dot com

  9. The long awaited story of Shay! I loved Shay from the first story book, this story was so well written for Shay. If you ever think love isn't in store for you as Shay thought, you have another thing coming, especially during Saint Nicholas Time! Kira was a strong women from her first introduction and holds true to it till the end.

    Blaine finally gets to be happy with his one and true love.

    This story was very touching to me because it is how life can be, I saw so many of my life steps in this story.

    A great Novella story to end out the series!

  10. this book sounds amazing, i havent had a chance to read anything by this author yet, but i really want too, her books sound amazing
    thanks for the chance

  11. Wow! I am so glad for your success! I can only hope sometime soon i will have all of my works out of my head and in print/digital form! Besides the one i have in print four are running though my head i just need the time to write! :) So glad for all of your accomplishments!

  12. hello donna love all of your books I especially loved this one about shay... and oh not forget about blaine! :) hehehe great job and I can't wait for your "sweetness" ones to come out. thank you for all you do and this blog is great. that picture of "you" is great.. you look so happy there.... happy thoughts I guess...

  13. I own this book already so pls. do not enter me :D I just wanted to stop by and show my support! Great post!


  14. The winner is : Grace Burrowes please email me your mailing address to and thanks for coming over! hope you come back soon!