Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ruth Ryan Langan's New Release & Review Contest

The Unquiet
AVAILABLE: September 27, 2011(Pre-order now Amazon)

Five New York Times bestselling authors—five superlative stories.

Includes thrilling stories by J D Robb, Mary Blayney, Mary Kay McComas and Patricia Gaffney, as well as Ruth's novella entitled Unforgiven.

Young American widow Brianna Kerr visits her late husband's estate in the Scottish Highlands, hoping to nurse her wounds and clear the crushing debt he has left her. When she encounters the spirit of an angry Highland laird, trapped between this world and the next, she discovers a soul mate. His love promises to heal her shattered heart, and her love promises to free him of his prison and find the eternal peace he desires. But can such an impossible situation really bring healing, or will it be the cause of even greater loss and pain?

Netta's  Review: 
Another great novella of Ruth Ryan Langan, I love the way she writes about the soul mate love. This was a very touching story, it really pulled at my heart and emotions, once your start to read this one you just can't put it down because you want to see what is going to happen next. One minute I wanted  to cry and the next cheer for them! Very powerful story! A must read if you believe in soul mates and if not... you just may after reading this one. 

We are please to announce that Ruth will be giving away a FREE ARC Signed copy of THE UNQUIET. Just comment below w/your email address how you feel about soul mate love and a winner will be chosen September 21, 2011 at 10pm EST. 

Tj's Review:
Brianna Kerr, a young woman recently widowed, travels to Scotland to visit for the first time her only remaining asset, Ravenswood, her dead husband’s inherited estate.  He had never taken her to his ancestral home, but often spoke fondly of memories of the gatekeeper’s cottage on the grounds of the great manor house.  She discovers that not only has the grandeur of the manor somewhat faded, but also that the cottage is haunted by a violent and unfriendly spirit, bent on keeping everyone away.  The estate is her only possession, and the key to restoring her life and her soul after her husband’s cruel betrayal.  She must overcome the angry spirit of the former Laird of the Manor, only then will she learn the key to her own restoration, which comes by a bittersweet twist of fate that the reader will not exactly expect.  A good, quick read laced with many of the familiar elements of Highlander romance. 

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  1. Soulmate love is a gift not many find and sometimes they dont recognize it when they do. I found it with the help of a blind date and God's guidance!My email is good luck with your novel!

  2. I met my husband on line and we quickly realized his son and my brother died on the same day; Our fathers lived in the same community in Florida, (We are in Philadelphia)both named Frank and both artist. We both have sister's named Dee and calculate our paths have probably crossed at least 10 just goes on and on. Our meeting and marrying, we love to believe was supernatural, help from 2 young men in heaven with so much in common.

  3. I believe their is one true soul mate for everyone. We may not find it on the first try, but if we get lucky, he may be waiting around the next corner. I believe true love comes when you are not expecting it, something just happens and there is nothing you can do to fight against the connection. If it's meant to be, it will be!!

  4. i think that there is a soul mate out there for everyone, even tho we may go our whole lives without finding that one person i do believe they are there somwhere.

  5. cindy said...
    let's see soulmate love , I have that with my love . He can read me like a book as I can him . I think it is the most wonderful love in the world. There is nothing quite as satisfying as knowing the man you are in love with feels the same way as you . We have gone through storms tog and always come out stronger because we know each other deep down where it counts. I have no real words to explain other than I know it is a deep connection that is felt and hard to explain .
    The Best Kind of Love there is is soul-mate love because it lasts forever.

  6. Sorry Cindy not sure what happened to the site, I found your comment and posted it for you again...

  7. SCORDATO Said:
    I definitely believe in soul mates. Some people are just meant to be together. Novel looks like an awesome collection. Thanks for the giveaway.


    Caridad Piñeiro